Commeth the moment, commeth the media.

Published16th April 2018 byChris Dell

I was interested to note that Mark Zuckerberg choose to make a UK wide national statement about Facebook’s role in data usage that involved Cambridge Analytica in full page advertisements in many national newspapers.

Who would have guessed it – the world leading new media channel – with the opportunity to speak directly to everyone with a smartphone (which is nearly everyone) choose good old fashion print media! 

It just serves to remind us that even in today’s world there is a need and role for a variety of communication channels for businesses to consider deploying.  And that companies should think twice about relying on a limited number of media channel to get all of their different types of message across.  Facebook is certainly good for certain things at certain times, but perhaps – as their actions reveal - are not the best choice for every occasion.

I wasn’t in the room when this decision was made, but perhaps there were some good reasons for this choice of print advertisements which are worth remembering:

  • National media provides a good, fast way to demonstrate public witness – a good way of saying sorry (or hello) to all.  Good for corporate brand communications.
  • An ad allows a tight control of the message – important when saying the right thing is vital and the CEO may be interview shy (lawyers please note).
  • An ad allows the organization to control the message and transmit it safely – no one can interrupt it, twist it, or answer back in real time.
  • It becomes tomorrow’s chip paper – messages not constantly re-cycled re-tweeted or searchable for ever more.
  • Is seen to “cost” the organization, hurt a little.

It is always good to remember that effective communication always combines the best media and the most appropriate message.